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Contract Negotiation

ITE sourcing professionals have successfully negotiated over $500 Million in telecom and IT contracts, with the average contract savings over 20%.

Our team has hundreds of combined years of service working with and for the vendors we negotiate against, giving ITE clients an almost unfair advantage at the negotiating table. ITE is perpetually renegotiating contracts on your behalf to ensure terms and rates are best in class in this constantly changing environment.

Some of the key areas that we improve our client's contracts include:

  • Better payment terms
  • Decreased term length
  • Improved installation time
  • Decreased revenue commitments
  • Agreement consolidation
  • Reduced ETF's
  • Rate stabilization
  • Evergreen clause removal
  • Better SLA's with bigger "teeth"
  • Liability reduction
  • Lower rates with scaling flexibility
  • Business downturn
  • Technology upgrades
  • Increased signing, annual, and product credits
  • Converting annual commitments to life of contract
  • Rate stabilization
  • Market-based rate reductions throughout contract life