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Case Studies

ITE Reduces Fortune 500 Wireless Bill by 52%

Challenge- A Fortune 500 Company manages roughly 6,000 corporate paid wireless devices throughout the United States. Due to less than optimal account optimization, a non-competitive contract rate structure, and a high volume of international calling, the average monthly cost per device was approximately $121.

Solution- The company hired ITE to take a look at their current wireless environment and determine where reductions could be made and how future cost efficiencies could be driven. ITE worked hand and hand with the client's supply chain team to develop a mid-contract RFP and award the lowest bidder as "preferred wireless provider".

Benefits- Following the conclusion of the RFP; contract voice, data, equipment, and messaging rates now align with industry benchmarks. With ITE's leadership, the firm took control of wireless pool management from the carriers and currently utilize ITE's mobile optimization program to further reduce mobility expenses. Cost per device has fallen to $63/month with greater management visibility into mobile expenditures.

Communications Firm Saves $42K per month with ITE's Local Voice Consolidation Program

Challenge- With strong merger and acquisition growth over the last 5 years, a global communications firm was utilizing a dozen telecommunications carriers to cover their 60+ locations for local voice services. The firm had difficulty managing the large web of account teams, contracts, invoices, and web portals needed to manage the local carriers.

Solution- The firm hires ITE to evaluate their local voice environment and explore ways to consolidate carriers with a heavy emphasis on cost reduction. ITE conducted a full RFP for local voice services and managed the company's engineering teams while the 60+ locations were migrated to the RFP winning carrier.

Benefits- The Company is now saving approx $42,000/month on local voice services. Along with the substantial savings benefitted by The Company, management of the carrier services have become considerably less challenging by working with two carriers instead of a dozen.

ITE Saves $310K on Annual Long Distance Bill

Challenge- A US-based engineering firm utilized multiple long distance carriers covering their 100+ domestic and international locations. The current contract with majority carrier was up for renewal, so the firm hires ITE to evaluate and benchmark rates before extension is signed.

Solution- ITE completes thorough evaluation on current long distance calling environment and negotiates a 2-year extension with the majority carrier at lower rates. Rate reduction in high volume regions and call types of calls were negotiated down and agreed to by carrier in exchange for the remaining long distance traffic.

Benefits- The firm now saves approx $26,000/month on long distance voice services. Along with the significant cost savings, long distance services were consolidated into one carrier, streamlining vendor management and easing confusion with ordering, troubleshooting, invoicing, etc.

Case Studies (cont'd)

ITE's Bill Auditing Function Saves $1.35mm in Year One

Challenge- Runaway telecommunications expenses were taking a toll on a federal contractor's corporate IT environment. The Company's high-cost of internal, in-experienced, labor coupled with the inability to match contract rates with actual billings, increased the cost of corporate telecommunications.

Solution- The Company outsourced their internal telecom invoice processing division to the specialist at ITE. ITE analysts were responsible for receiving, auditing, and processing invoices for corporate finance payment.

Benefits- ITE uncovers $1.35mm in incorrect billing discovered within the first 12 months. Credits were applied to correct cost centers and rates were corrected for invoices moving forward. ITE worked with corporate procurement, engineering, and finance to develop strategies to minimize telecommunications costs and maximize their investments.

Telecommunications Audit Saves $90K per Month

Challenge- Years of bad record keeping within a telecommunications equipment provider's internal telecom inventory system reveals that the majority of corporate-paid wireline inventory is of unknown use.

Solution- ITE manages a project with engineering to research and test all unknown telecommunications inventory at 50+ domestic locations. ITE analysts research carrier records and dispatch engineers to test the unknown lines to determine the need and possible lower-cost replacements if applicable.

Benefits- $90k in monthly telecommunications cost found to be unused or no longer needed. All tested lines deemed still in use are tagged correctly and described within the telecom database for monthly reporting capabilities and to ease future inventory audits.

ITE Reduces International Roaming Rates by 50%

Challenge- An Information Technology Company has a strong global presence, with workers and customers in over 55 countries. International Roaming costs were a substantial portion of The Company's wireless expense.

Solution- The Company hires ITE to research ways to reduce international roaming expenses. ITE deploys dual-SIM Smart Phones to travelers in Europe and Africa. A Mobile VoIP application is made available for users with WiFi connection while traveling in South America and Europe.

Benefits- International roaming rates are cut by over 50% with the deployment of Dual-SIM Smartphone's. Travelers utilizing Mobile VoIP calling receive over 85% off in-country roaming rates. ITE continues to train users on effective application usage and international best practices.